Johnson Development Company is a custom home building firm that was founded by brothers Roger and Terry Johnson in 1970. Certain principles and practices have guided Johnson Development in it's decades-long rise to the ranks of the region's custom building elite. Those elements of our philosophy that are most important to our current and prospective clients are:


The enduring quality of the homes built by Johnson Development is easy to see. Not as transparent is the strength of the long-term relationships the company has forged with those who have retained them. Clients were asked: What one word best characterized Roger and Terry Johnson? The leading responses are... genuine... trustworthy... responsible.

Great Expectations

Some clients come to Johnson Development with plans in hand. Most do not. They bring snapshots, magazine clippings and, invariably, a list of desired outcomes. An orderly collaborative process - one that has been perfected over decades of use. Systematically, a custom home takes shape, one idea at a time.


Typically, clients come to Johnson Development seeking an accomplished contractor. They get much more. The practiced ability of the Johnson's to visualize, evaluate and critique conceptual plans enables them to suggest alternatives that enhance livability and appearance without violating budget guidelines.

Evolutionary Ideas

New ideas are continually illustrated in concept homes built in anticipation of client need. Architectural styles span the universe of possibilities, from contemporary to historic replica. Each floor plan is a one-of-a-kind.


Johnson Development has developed a network of suppliers who have proven their ability to add value to the goods or services they provide. Their presence benefits clients in two ways. First, it assures access to coveted finishes and fixtures - no matter how rare. Second, it underscores the company's commitment to assuring that the long-term satisfaction expectations of its homeowners are expertly met.


Virtually all new clients are introduced to Johnson Development by a friend, business associate or an industry professional. Clients - a number of whom have built multiple homes with a company - are another source. The strength of the company's stellar reputation keeps mass advertising to a minimum.


Where do we build? Prospective clients can look to Johnson Development for expert guidance on this key long-term investment factor. The company has acquired and developed custom home sites across metro St. Louis for decades, giving company principals broad working knowledge of the proper price points for various locations.


The other main variable in the long-term investment equation is: How much should we invest? Here, Johnson Development answers clients by directing their discretionary dollars to items and areas that at time of re-sale figure to generate maximum return on investment.

Quality Control

Johnson Development retains its own private finish carpentry crews - a rarity in this era of outsourcing. While doing so requires greater planning and effort, the result is precision-crafted millwork that communicates total quality throughout the living environment.

Enjoy the Journey

Planning and building a custom home is among life's most memorable events, particularly with a skilled builder in the lead. While an exquisite custom home is the ultimate objective, the principals of Johnson Development want every client to enjoy the process of getting there as much as they do.

In the End

Roger and Terry Johnson love what they do. Clients can tell. The personal commitment and the positive energy they bring to the building process promotes communication, creativity and camaraderie. The result is a thoughtfully conceived residence of paramount quality - a total environment that adds zest to life.